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Calendar at a Glance

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2 Sep
3 Sep 4 Sep 5 Sep 6 Sep 7 Sep 8 Sep

Masterclass A:
Mastering Renewable & Alternative Energies
4 full days
09:00 - 17:00 daily

9 Sep 10 Sep 11 Sep 12 Sep 13 Sep 14 Sep 15 Sep

Workshop B:
Power Project Finance
1 full day
09:00 - 17:00

Main Conference
2 full days
09:00 - 17:00 daily

Workshop C:
Energy Efficiency
1 full day
09:00 - 17:00

Workshop D:
Energy Storage
1 full day
09:00 - 17:00

16 Sep 17 Sep 18 Sep 19 Sep 20 Sep 21 Sep 22 Sep

Masterclass E:
Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
4 full days
09:00 - 17:00 daily



Conference Agenda

Tue, 14 Nov Conference Day 1


African Power Market


  Registration & coffee/tea

  09:00   Chairman's opening speech
  09:15   Renewable Energy
  09:45   Environmental Concerns
  10:30   Morning break
  11:00   Energy Efficiency
  11:30   Energy Mix
  12:00   Panel Discussion: Africa’s Renewable Future: The Path to Sustainable Growth
  12:30   Lunch break
PM Government Policies and Regulations
  14:00   The Political Environment
  14:30   Government Regulation
  15:00   Government Policies
  15:30   Afternoon break
  15:50   Privatisation
  16:20   Panel Discussion: Balance Issues in the Industry
  16:50   End of conference day 1


Wed, 15 Nov Conference Day 2

Investment & Tariffs


  Registration & coffee/tea

  09:00   Chairman's opening speech
  09:15   Financing
  09:45   Investment
  10:15   Morning break
  10:45   Cost Reflective Tariffs
  11:15   Power Infrastructure Development
  11:30   Panel Discussion: Supply & Demand
  12:20   Lunch break
PM Technology Advancement
  14:00   Distribution
  14:30   Metering
  15:00   Revenue Collection
  15:30   Afternoon break
  15:50   Smart Grids & Mini Grids
  16:20   Advancements in Technology
  16:50   End of conference day 2

Workshops Agenda

POWER WEEK AFRICA is one of the region's largest gathering of power & electricity professionals. Its thought leadership has made the summit the ideal platform for the best learning, networking and inspiration.

We have increased the number of workshops in our optional education programmes, giving you more choice between 5 workshops / masterclasses led by an unrivalled faculty of facilitators to ensure you remain at your best.

Tue - Fri,
4 - 7 Sep

Pre-Conference Masterclass A


Mastering Renewable & Alternative Energies

  Day 1

  The Market Environment for Renewable Power

    The Growth and Status of Renewable Power
    The Role of Renewables in the Power Generation Mix
    The Impact of Renewables on Electricity Costs & Prices
    INTERACTIVE SESSION: Introducing Key Energy Mix& Market Analysis Factors
  Day 2   Understanding Investment Returns & Risks in Renewable Power Projects
    Renewable Power Business Case Variables
    Attracting Investment, and the Costs of Finance
    Regulatory Impacts & Policy Risks
    INTERACTIVE SESSION: Illustrating the Key Variables in Competitive Bidding
  Day 3   Deploying Renewable Power Projects
    Project Phases & Key Contracts
    Resource Risks in Renewable Energy
    Solar & Wind
    Geothermal & Biopower
  Day 4   Integrating Renewable Power at Large Scales
    Impacts of Renewable Power within Grid Systems
    EXAMPLES & DISCUSSION: Published scenarios for 100% renewables: what are the assumptions and how realistic are they?
    Electricity Storage and the Alternatives
    Socioeconomic Considerations in Renewable Power Growth
    DISCUSSION: The policymaker's dilemma and the challenges of balancing different aspects of the market environment
    CLOSING INTERACTIVE SESSION: Transitioning to 100% Renewable Power


Mon, 10 Sep Pre-Conference Workshop B


Power Project Finance



09:15   What is Project Finance?
10:10   Forms of Financing
11:15   Morning break
11:45   Power Project Finance Documentation
    Case Study: South Africa’s journey to regulating the energy sector and opening the way for IPP’s
13:00   Lunch break
14:30   Bankability / Risk Analysis
    Group Exercise: Bankability exercise
15:00   Afternoon break
15:30   Public Private Partnerships (Including the South African Experience)
    South African Case Study: PPA
17:00   Q&A, End of workshop


Thu, 13 Sep Post-Conference Workshop C


Energy Efficiency



09:15   Energy Efficiency in Africa
10:15   Smart Metering to Increase Energy Efficiency
11:15   Morning break
11:45   Impact of Renewable Energy on Energy Efficiency
12:45   Lunch break
14:30   Energy Management Processes
15:30   Afternoon break
16:00   Developing the Energy Improvement Programme
17:00   End of workshop


Fri, 14 Sep Post-Conference Workshop D


Energy Storage



09:15   Battery Types – Applications, Costs and End of Life
10:15   Power System & Storage Fundamentals
11:15   Morning break
11:30   Renewable and Diesel Power, With and Without Storage
12:30   Lunch break
13:45   Batteries vs. Systems – Management and Monitoring Benefits
14:45   Market Sizes at Different Scales
15:45   Afternoon break
16:00   Principles and Challenges of Revenue Stacking
17:00   End of workshop


Mon - Thu,
17 - 20 Sep

Post-Conference Masterclass E


Power Purchase Agreement

Day 1   Overview of the International Power Sector
    Concepts in Power Purchasing and Trading
    Case Study: The thief and the stolen power
    Market Structures
    The Parties to Projects
    Case Study: Diagrammatic representation of relationship
    Fuel Types and Impact on Contract Type
    Project Contract Matrix
    Project Structures
    Types of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
    Case Study: International examples of commercial deals using PPAs, both short and long term
Day 2   Clause by Clause Analysis of PPAs
    Case Study: Example clauses for many provisions, including price escalation, capacity, availability, greenhouse and carbon costs, development, milestones, conditions precedent.
Day 3   Quantities and Delivery
    Case Study: Market supply balance and pricing curves
    Contract Price
    Case Study: Example price escalation clauses
    Managing Risk
    Documenting Risk Management
    Case Studies: • Example force majeure clause • Transformer explosion and fire
    Damages and Loss
    Project Structure and Timing
Day 4   Project Finance
    Case Study: Project financing structure and securities
    Environmental Qualities and Off-take
    Case Study: Solar PV farm PPA
    When Things Go Wrong
    Case Study: Alternative dispute resolution techniques
    Variations for Plant Type
    Case Study: Wind farm PPA terms
    Integrating Renewables Into Grids
    Case Study: The South Australian system blackout
    Hedge and Derivative Markets
    Case Study: Power purchase hedge transaction confirmation
    Effective Contract Management
    PPA Negotiation
    Group Exercise: Negotiating a PPA, including the terms and price elements


Powering Tomorrow's
Energy Needs