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We partner with international associations, media publications, as well as government bodies in the industries they present. Partnership with us is always an effective platform to drive your membership acquisition campaigns and to gain innovative branding opportunites towards your target audience.

Contact Reanne Lee today to find out all of your potential benefits at +65 6325 0254 or reanne (at)



Energy Regulators Regional Association SUPPORTING ORGANISATION

The Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA) is a voluntary organization comprising of independent energy regulatory bodies primarily from Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, South and North America.

Purpose & Objectives
•To improve national energy regulation in member countries
•To foster development of stable energy regulators with autonomy and authority
•To improve cooperation among energy regulators
•To facilitate the exchange of information, research, training and experience among members and other regulators around the world.

IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) SUPPORTING ORGANISATION

The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) brings together 170 countries, and close to 20 000 experts who cooperate on the global IEC platform to ensure that products work everywhere safely with each other. The IEC is the world's leading organization that prepares and publishes globally relevant International Standards for the whole energy chain, including all electrical, electronic and related technologies, devices and systems. The IEC also supports all forms of conformity assessment and administers four Conformity Assessment Systems that certify that components, equipment and systems used in homes, offices, healthcare facilities, public spaces, transportation, manufacturing, explosive environments and energy generation conform to them.

IEC work covers a vast range of technologies: power generation (including all renewable energy sources), transmission, distribution, Smart Grid & Smart Cities, batteries, home appliances, office and medical equipment, all public and private transportation, semiconductors, fibre optics, nanotechnology, multimedia, information technology, and more. It also addresses safety, EMC, performance and the environment.

OSGP (Open Smart Grid Protocol) Alliance Supporting Organisation

The OSGP Alliance is the global non-profit association dedicated to promoting the adoption of the Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) and infrastructure for smart grid applications towards a future proof modern smart grid. With a key focus on security, smart metering, smart grid, grid analytics, distribution network management and smart cities our members, including utilities, hardware manufacturers, service providers and system integrators, all share a common goal and vision: promoting open standards for energy demand side management, smart grid and smart metering systems.

The International Battery and Energy Storage Alliance (IBESA) SUPPORTING ORGANISATION

The International Battery and Energy Storage Alliance IBESA is the first international network of excellence in the field of battery and energy storage that enables an international and practice-oriented transfer of knowledge.

Founded in 2013 IBESA is still well on track regarding emerging markets around the world and is now coming up with an updated concept to satisfy the actual requirements of our Partners.

IBESA offers a worldwide network, contacts along the value chain of different business sectors, exclusive high-quality market research know-how as well as the complete marketing and public relation package – based on a long experience in business.


360|Concept unites thinkers, strategists and innovators from a multitude of professions with the vision for a sustainable future. Guided by the firm belief that profitability and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, 360|Concept strives for maximum competitive advantage at minimum environmental cost.

By actively listening to what you need and adding the ingredients required for effective communications strategies, creative design solutions and productive customer dialogue, we guarantee your competitive edge. Fusing this vast and diverse expertise, we deliver avant-garde solutions spearheading you to the top of your industry.

We guarantee maximum return on your communications invest.


The Emerging Market Investor's Association SUPPORTING ORGANISATION

The Emerging Market Investor's Association (EMIA) is the world's first and only not-for-profit Emerging Market organization, dedicated to advancing the industry as a whole and representing the combined interests of investors and investment professionals across asset classes.

The World Alliance for Decentralized Energy SUPPORTING ORGANISATION

WADE works to accelerate the worldwide development of high efficiency cogeneration, onsite power and decentralized renewable energy systems that deliver substantial economic and environmental benefits. In an effort to raise the profile of cogeneration as a climate change mitigation strategy in the 1997 UNFCCC climate change negotiations the International Cogeneration Alliance was founded. In 2002 the group changed its name to WADE and broadened its scope to include all manner of DE technologies. 

The wider use of DE is a key solution to bringing about the cost-effective modernization and development of the world’s electricity systems.Existing decentralized energy (DE) technologies can reduce delivered energy costs and decrease emissions of CO2 as well as other harmful pollutants. Inefficient central power systems currently represent the majority of the world's existing installed electricity capacity and generation but there is growing evidence that the DE's market share is growing rapidly. Research by WADE estimates that in 2005 DE accounted for about 10% of installed capacity compared to 7% in 2001. Perhaps even more significant, almost 25% of electricity generated by new capacity added in 2005 was generated by DE installations. More information:

Association for Borderless Renewables SUPPORTING ORGANISATION

Environmental imperatives, including the need to combat global warming, require that all nations contribute what they can to the transition from energy sources reliant upon fossil fuels to renewables. Some regions have additional strategic motives for moving away from oil and gas. But those motives do not lessen the obligation to cooperate with each other. We have therefore established Association for Borderless Renewables both to foster private investment in this conversion process and to promote cross-border collaboration on projects between regions and countries.

Our members get an access to the Renewable Energy Projects Tracker - GCC & Africa, offering renewable energy project leads, an information on planned, tender and awarded renewable energy projects accompanied by an easy project analysis tools. 20 per cent user discount is offered to all event attendees.


VaasaETT is a research and advisory consultancy dedicated to customer behaviour and competitive market dynamics in the energy industry. We advise our clients based on extensive research in the fields of demand response, energy efficiency, smart home, smart grid and related new business models and have extensive experience in designing and evaluating data-driven energy efficiency solutions and identify sustainable exploitation strategies. At the heart of our differentiation is a network of thousands of experts and specialists on four continents with whom we collaborate for our business activities thus enabling us to integrate global knowledge and global best practice into our areas of expertise. More information about our activities, public projects and expertise is available at


The World CSR Day ( is guided by Leaders.... Leaders who believe in the value of Sustainable CSR; that which is built in the fabric of business - making it a reality. Leaders produce Leaders will be a common thread uniting nations and people who take CSR more responsibly. They also believe that CSR is a tool to the Development of the Future. Leaders, Professionals, CSR Practitioners, CEOs, Sustainability Experts and Media honchos in different parts of the world will help in spreading the message of World CSR Day. Let’s Unite the World with the Spirit & Energy for conscious CSR.

Energy Newspapers Official Newspaper

Energy Newspapers is an energy professional media in Korea delivering to readers every Monday. We provide up-to-date gas and energy specialized information to the reader.

Under the slogan of “right information and honest media”, we are the leading energy-oriented professional newspaper in Korea supplying the top energy news. Currently over 30,000 subscribers including government agencies, energy and resource-related public corporations, associations, energy companies and logistics companies (including shipbuilding and shipping companies) receive our service.

Our daily E-mail newsletters service is constantly updated to bring you energy policy and the key issues that occur every day. Also our website ( offers fast and accurate information


POWER in Print, E-newsletters, Webinars, and More

POWER has been known as a magazine for many years but today it is so much more than that; it’s a trusted brand that includes publications, trade events & conferences, and electronic media. In all its formats, POWER provides the most important business operations and legal and regulatory news, as well as operations and maintenance information, for the power generation industry. Through POWER, industry professionals learn about best practices, safety issues, improved productivity, and more. POWER is the “go-to” resource with print, online, e-newsletters, videos, webinars, and conference offerings.

POWER is the one brand that addresses all generation and related technologies and fuels across North America and around the world, providing insight into this increasingly complex industry. Established in 1882, it is dedicated to providing its global audience with exclusive analysis of the latest trends, best practices, and power generation and related projects through several platforms, including print, digital, and in person. POWER equips generation professionals and those who support them with the resources they need to make informed decisions that power the future. Subscribe or manage your subscription today.

Power Insider Asia MEDIA PARTNER

Power Insider Asia is the most effective way of reaching decision makers throughout the Asian Power markets. Power Insider Asia is the only title dedicated to the Power and Energy sector written by the region and including content by world leading experts.

Each edition carries a different regional focus and we cover all topics relevant to the region at the present time.

Power Insider Asia reaches the gap in the market many companies are looking for when it comes to reaching Asia’s vast audience, contact our team to gain a thorough understanding of upcoming editions and content features.

Visit us to view online editions at and apply for a free subscription.

Energy Insight Yearbook MEDIA PARTNER

Energy Insight is the primary mouthpiece for the many companies and organizations within the offshore industry as well as companies who have this segment as their customers or suppliers. The magazine covers key issues and trends in the offshore renewable and oil & gas industry.

Energy Insight is a high-quality magazine that weights validity and thoroughness highly. Therefore we have joined forces with a strong team consisting of journalists, analysists and advisors etc.

The publication is distributed directly to named decision-makers in a wide range of companies and institutions in the offshore industry in Denmark and abroad. Also it will be present at relevant exhibitions.

Energy Insight is also published online to our readers all around the world, mainly in Europe, the US, Africa and Asia. The online publication is distributed directly by e-mail and is to be found online at any time on our home page and partner sites.

Would you like to know more? Please contact:

Nem Media
Høffdingsvej 34
DK-2500 Valby Denmark
Phone: +45 4281 1110

Energy Window International Journal MEDIA PARTNER

The World rolls on Energy. However, the degree at which energy development activities revolve to engender growth is determined by how much human, material and technological inputs, plus all other fundamental infusions that define the industry, are fully exploited. And in all of these, information gathering and dissemination is a sine qua non.

Energy Window International Journal, EWI, a bi-monthly publication, Energy Window Television, EWTV, as well as Energy Window Online are three story channels powered under the umbrella of International Energy Window & Allied Co. Limited, IEWAC, incorporated in 2008.

It exposes business opportunities to be exploited by new players/investors, as well as established/existing firms via seminars, workshops, or conferences.

It helps to build platforms where industry stakeholders gather to brainstorm on crucial issues for energy development expansion, economic advancement and sociopolitical growth.

It helps industry players expand the frontiers of their businesses through advertisements, among others.

Energy Window Television, EWTV, is a specialized news magazine for all sectors – politics and society, agro-culture and industry, tourism, Law and Arbitration, banking, and most predominantly energy and related activities. It projects and promotes businesses at all levels across sectors via articulated documentaries, committed and dedicated website advertorials. It carries out special news events and video coverage usually handled by a team of professionals with the competence, the poise, and the right equipment to deliver every job in line with specifications and on schedule.

Our readership cuts a swathe across a wide spectrum of interests: from policy makers to captains of industries; from general commerce to analysts, from the academia to the larger society.


In publication since 1989, DEW journal is monthly from India, circulated internationally, focusing on the energy, oil & gas,
geoscience, engineering, information technology, machine & tools, marine & shipping and human resources & training. 

DEW is now a University Grants Commission of India (UGC India) approved journal. 
The University Grants Commission of India is a statutory body set up by the Indian Union government in accordance to
the UGC Act 1956 under Ministry of Human Resource Development, and is charged with coordination, determination and
maintenance of standards of higher education. It provides recognition to universities in India.

For details visit us on :  DEW Journal
Also connect with us on : Twitter   LinkedIn   Facebook   Blog

Focus Energetic MEDIA PARTNER

WWW.FOCUS-ENEGERTIC.RO is an "on-line newspaper" devoted especially to the energy field. Energy and, above all, the provision of electricity, fuel, hot water and heat represent some of the basic requirements of today's people.

It is said that "work created man". But the fire, the most famous form of energy, is civilized. The ancient Greeks even have a myth in honor of the energy: that of Prometheus, who stole the fire from the gods and gave it to the people.

And since it has managed to "master" it, the energy surrounds us: from the bulb, to the microwave, from the gas station to the thermal power plant. Today no one designs a civilized person without power in the house.

Nowadays, any government in every corner of the world has, among its priorities, the assurance of energy independence, ie the provision of energy and energy resources to the population and companies in the country. As the primary energy resources are about to be exhausted, the assurance of consumption needs goes beyond the economic sphere and touches the political one. Policymakers have realized that easy access to energy can mean the development of their own economies and, consequently, a better living for their own citizens.

Sometimes, to ensure livelihoods rise, may mean problems elsewhere. Moreover, access to an energy resource can lead to conflicts, even in wars. Thus, it is extremely important to understand what is happening in a corner of the world, why it happens and how it can affect our lives.

This proposes "" through the internal and external news, the environment, the economic ones, but also through analyzes and interviews.

Nuclear Business Network MEDIA PARTNER

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) contribute up to 45 percent of total employment and up to 33 percent of national income (GDP) in emerging economies. But SMEs face unique challenges: three out of five businesses fail within the first few months of operation. Causes to the failure include limited market access, limited access to information, finances and technology and unfavorable policy and regulatory environment.

NßN fills this gap:
  • We offer a free marketing platform focused in the emerging markets.
  • We study the business trends and provide online expertise to save your time and cut your marketing cost.
  • We spread the information in English, Chinese, and Arabic because we believe that proximity is power.
With NßN, you will break into emerging markets.

Cleantech Business News MEDIA PARTNER

As the official Media partners power and electricity Asia 2019 It is our aim to have a full coverage of this event by dealing with all aspect of products on exhibition, join conferences debates, and examine solutions and solutions providers.

By looking at the issues from all angles and all perspectives, our ultimate aim is to give the reader a comprehensive and independent view on, how the UK government is committed to tackling Floods and climate change, how future commitments are likely to be after Britain exit from the European market.

We will be highlighting the real issues our planet is facing now, how best we can tackle and solve Floods and climate change problems now and in the future.

Please view our web site for distribution network; our aim is to produce a minimum of 10000 to Max of 50000 copies depending on supply and demand, these copies will be distributed to the following organisations :- local authorities effected by floods, environment agency, government departments, architects ,construction companies, water companies ,British-waterways, Network Rail, universities development and research organisations ,National Flood forum, British chamber of comers, local flood committees, housing associations and most importantly to our loyal subscribers and partners world wide .

CTBN is a global British publication with a global distribution network. Floods and Climate change are global issues, it is in our aim to generate max publicity for the three world leading events, our special edition of Floods and climate change publication ,will be a perfect PR opportunity for exhibitors to take advantage of our attractive range of advertising packages rates on offer.

CTBN reserve all rights, quantities produced will depend supply and demand. All conditions and rules apply ,all copy rights are reserved and belong to Cleantech Business News Ltd.

Directores:- Z al Kahzrajie, Nadia Al Kahzrajie, Simon Beverly Smith
Company registerd in England and wales: registration Number 10228163 IOM tradeing office:- Glen Chass Lodge ,Port St Mary IOM,IM95PW

Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) MEDIA PARTNER

Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) drives electrical systems innovation by providing expertise and insights into the latest products, solutions and technologies being used in commercial, industrial and institutional building applications. Our trusted content attracts and engages an audience of 130,000+ electrical professionals responsible for designing, constructing and maintaining electrical systems.

Informa is a leading business intelligence, academic publishing, knowledge and events business, operating within the Knowledge and Information Economy. We serve commercial, professional and academic communities in many different sectors by helping them connect and learn, and by creating and providing access to content and intelligence that helps people and businesses work smarter and make better decisions faster.

Devdiscourse MEDIA PARTNER

Devdiscourse is a global media platform for development news with a focus on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set up by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 for the year 2030.  It was formally launched by Vision RI Connexion Services Pvt. Ltd. on April 10, 2018 and is presently headquartered in Sonepat1, a satellite city of India’s national capital city Delhi. 

Please visit:

Climate Control Middle East MEDIA PARTNER

For over 10 years, Climate Control Middle East ( has exclusively been reporting on the HVACR industry in the Middle East with an unwavering commitment to providing in-depth news, perspectives and analyses. The coverage has included a broad sweep of topics ranging from energy security to food safety, from indoor environmental quality to climate change, from data centre cooling to process cooling and from fire safety to building performance. Embedded in them are specific topics related to District Cooling, standalone systems, hospital ventilation, transport refrigeration, cold storage warehousing, acoustics, vibration, refrigerants and more. In covering the topics, the magazine has constantly applied such markers as health, energy efficiency, resource conservation, reliability and cost-effectiveness, keeping in mind broad social, environmental and economic ideals. Over the years, Climate Control Middle East has earned the approval and respect of stakeholders in the industry, be they ministries, planning authorities, policy-makers and regulators in government; master developers and developers; contractors; consultants; technology solutions providers or service providers. Playing the role of a conduit or of a commentator, the magazine, which enjoys international acclaim, has striven to be the voice of the industry and to collaborate in community building. It has celebrated path-breaking policy decisions, bold engineering approaches and best practices that have gone on to benefit people and planet.

CPI Industry: CPI Industry is a strategic publisher of marquee B2B magazines and a producer of high-end conferences related to the electro-mechanical sector. Its key areas of interest and coverage include the Montreal Protocol, Kyoto Protocol, UAE Vision 2021, Qatar National Vision 2030, the UAE National Strategy and Action Plan for Environmental Health and the Dubai Strategic Plan 2020… all in the context of the electromechanical sector. As part of its strategic alignment with international and regional environmental and broad socio-economic development goals, the organisation analyses and reports on such issues as power security, renewable and alternative sources of energy, water security, food safety (cold chain management), climate change and green buildings. CPI Industry enjoys the support and goodwill of governmental, quasi-governmental and private-sector bodies in the region and elsewhere.

Investment Reports MEDIA PARTNER

Investment Reports is an annual B2B publication covering key business sectors across Central and Eastern Europe, such as energy and natural resources, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, IT & Automation etc. The region is under constant transformation and offers abundant growth prospects for businesses and investors, with a great potential for further internationalisation. IR teams are formed of seasoned analysts with accumulated experience across five continents, aiming to capture the key aspects of the industries covered, the success stories and recent developments, and thus create an efficient information platform that connects executives, government officials, investors and researchers alike.

Visit us:

Bioenergy Insight MEDIA PARTNER

Since its launch in 2010, Bioenergy Insight has swiftly built up a reputation for delivering quality news, analysis, market information and technical articles relating to the biomass, biogas
and biopower industries. Published six times a year to coincide with leading industry events, it provides ideas and insights for its audience of bioenergy professionals. It is targeted at companies producing biomass fuel in the form of pellets and briquettes, and those using biomass fuel to produce CHP, biogas, biopower, chemicals, heat and liquid biofuels

Contact George Doyle email:
Tel: +44 (0)203 551 5752

Orient Energy Review MEDIA PARTNER

Orient Energy Review was first published in February 2012 and it has become Africa’s most widely read energy publication on Local Content Development across all the regions in Africa.

Focused on promoting the development of local content across Africa, we aim to provide you with the most up to date and localised report on development issues within the Energy sector of the emerging markets of Africa.

We also provide you with insight into the following growing sectors: Alternative Energy, Maritime, Exploration, Logistics, and Power sectors.


BizClik Media is a dynamic and disruptive global digital media company aimed at bringing business and industry executives up to date with the latest news, information and digital reports looking at the technology and digital transformations of the world leading companies and executive decision makers.

BizClik Media is fast becoming recognised as the digital media company of choice for many of the world's largest brands by delivering world-class creative, video, PR and social media content and delivering this across multiple digital and social media channels.

Visit us:

Business Chief Asia MEDIA PARTNER

Business Chief Asia is a leading business website that focuses on news, articles, exclusive interviews and reports on Asian companies across key subjects such as leadership, technology, sustainability, marketing and finance. Business Chief Asia is also a monthly digital magazine.

Visit us:


The world is undergoing dramatic change and sustainability is at the forefront of this global shift as it influences and defines business operations across virtually every industrial sector. As a result, the role of the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) is taking on an even greater prominence, as companies strive to find greener energy solutions, more ethical business practices and increased engagement with local communities.

Packed with exclusive insights from those at the centre of this dramatically changing landscape, CSO Magazine is an innovative digital platform that keeps industry leaders and key decision makers right up-to-date with all the cutting-edge insight and trends affecting sustainability in all its forms.

CSO is a digital platform comprising of a website and magazine experience that arms our audience with the most comprehensive insights, updates and analysis regarding sustainability in all its forms from those who are shaping and harnessing its ability to change the world we live in, and the lives we lead.

Visit us:


• Dedicated to energy and environment professionals, ACO-Energie is both your newsletter and your website. This is a publication of the OMNERGIA company.

It offers its readers:
- News, information in the form of articles and studies, - Quotations of energy raw materials (PELLETS, WOOD CHIPS, BRIQUETS ...) - Investment Opportunities in projects, equipments, fundraising.

ACO-ENERGIE also offers its readers:
- Innovative technical solutions, - Call for tender, calls for projects, calls for expressions of interest - A weekly calendar of the most significant coming events.

Finally, ACO-Energie is a powerful communication tool to promote your events, trainings, projects, achievements or increase your reputation ... Indeed, ACO-Energie is published in 4 languages with a broad base of contacts: French (> 20,000), English (> 10,000), Spanish (> 5000), Italian (> 3000).


Green Journal keeps you up-to-date with the latest green energy news and conferences. We are a team of renewable energy enthusiasts who strive to provide the UK with the latest information on sustainable energy and environmental protection, as well as an in-depth portal for events happening in the green industry.


GreenMatch is a comprehensive guide designed to help you navigate through the transition to renewable energy. We care about the environment and believe that everyone has a part to play in making the UK a little greener - one house at a time. GreenMatch strives to engage more households in switching to renewable energy technologies such as solar panels and heat pumps.


pv Europe is the English language website from photovoltaik the leading B2B magazine on solar power in the German speaking region.
Germany, Austria and Switzerland are the market leaders in photovoltaic and self consumption technologies. With pv Europe we are opening markets that will follow the trends and experiences of the Central Europe photovoltaic market.
With our renowned high quality B2B information services and media channels we are opening doors into developing markets - for the wider application of photovoltaic technologies.

More information:

Sustainability Next MEDIA PARTNER

SustainabilityNext is India’s widely-read web-magazine that aims to excite entrepreneurs, executives and students about the possibility of positively impacting people and planet through profits. It’s objective is to influence policy that promotes social and ecological entrepreneurship at all levels. It’s easily accessible content helps bridge the wide gap between academia and industry. Its largely peer-to-peer content is targeted at inspiring graduate students to take the plunge into the social sector. is published and edited by Benedict Paramanand from Bengaluru since 2013.


Oil, Gas and Energy Law (OGEL, ISSN 1875-418X) is a comprehensive and innovative information service with a focus on oil-gas-energy law, regulation, treaties, judicial and arbitral cases, voluntary guidelines, tax and contracting, including the oil-gas-energy geopolitics. See for more details on published issues and details on how to contribute.

More information: MEDIA PARTNER is a member of the Africa Feeds Media Limited, an independent Pan-African digital media brand.

The news portal tells the story of Africa to the rest of the world, from politics, entertainment, sports, business and many more.

All the regions in Africa are well covered by the news portal which focus on giving its readers the best of information about the continent and the rest of the world. started publishing news content online in November 2016. Published works of are not influenced by any interest except to tell the story about happenings in Africa in a free, fair and credible way.


GeoConnexion International and GeoConnexion UK bring you the latest news and stories plus reports from geotechnology industries in UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America and Asia.  

Coverage of topics such as 3D Visualisation, Remote Sensing, LiDAR, Cloud, Mobile Mapping, Navigation with emphases on healthcare, public safety, retail, the environment, utilities, surveying, LBS, transport/ logistics, telecommunications and more.  

View the magazines:
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Middle East Business News and Magazine MEDIA PARTNER

Middle East Business News and Magazine is part of Ougarit Group for Marketing. Middle East Business provides quality information about business dynamics and pertinent economic and socio-economic issues, highlights investment prospects, analyses business trends and connects private sector players within the Middle East region, and between this important region and other countries around the globe. The magazine also sheds light on gender issues related to business as well as on creative approaches by policy-makers to resolve business related dilemmas. Middle East Business is an important economic media communication vehicle for promoting private sector-led growth in the Middle East region.

Middle East Business is powered by a mobile application, website and through social media. We solidified all of this with an audiovisual channel on You Tube. We are strengthened by a network of correspondents across many countries.


Capital Markets in Africa MEDIA PARTNER

Capital Markets in Africa is the leading “one-stop” platform dedicated to Africa’s fastest-growing financial, capital markets and wealth management industry. Capital Markets In Africa aims to support local and International investors, senior decision makers, institutions, policy makers or individual investors interested in the Africa by providing a platform for timely news, bespoke and in-depth analysis and research, expert features and economic outlooks, as well as “key risks and opportunities” available on the African continent.

Over the last few years Africa has consistently been named as the next Frontier for Capital growth by Economists and Financial Analysts. Capital Markets in Africa recognises the enterprising spirit and the investment opportunities that come with this phenomenon and as such aspires to showcase Africa as an attractive investment destination giving our readers the latest news, views and some guidance on how to gain access to and profit from the region. Also provide exclusive interviews and commentaries from movers and shakers (such the Chief Executive Officers, Chief Economist, Central Bank Governors etc,) on the African continent.

WANT access to African financial and capital markets as well as the Africa ever-increasing Growth Story or want to simply keep an eye on what’s trending in Africa’s Capital Markets! THINK Capital Markets in Africa. Visit us at

African Business Central (“ABC”) MEDIA PARTNER

African Business Central (“ABC”) is a leading online media company showcasing curated and original news on African Business, primarily, and all things Africa, in general.

ABC's rapidly-growing site attracts tens of thousands of visitors every month that read and watch news, analyses, and opinions of business, economic, political, and cultural events in and about Africa. ABC is making its mark around the world telling Africa's success stories and highlighting the continent's swift socio-economic ascent to a rapidly-growing global audience.

ABC’s core values are based on the notion that business, in general, and entrepreneurship, in particular, is the surest path to Africa’s socio-economic progress.


NewsBase provides high quality market intelligence to the Energy Sector, ensuring your global team get the right information when they need it.
Our in depth analysis, insight and foresight goes out to over 36,000 C-suite decision makers in the Energy industry.  Founded in 1995 in Edinburgh, Scotland, it is still run and owned by its founders and staff.  Independent, trusted and with unique insights, it has become an industry “must have”. 

Judge for yourself , visit and sign up for a free trial.


InnovOil is a technology-driven, bimonthly digital magazine which provides a platform for sharing innovation, ideas and expertise across the oil and gas sector. NewsBase provides solicited and trusted information to a database of active C- Suite subscribers, meaning you can be sure that your article or advert will be seen and – most importantly – read. With multichannel delivery, digital archives and fully-searchable content, InnovOil offers truly interactive and effective media exposure to oil and gas professionals in over 80 countries.

Visit and sign up for our newsletter.

Zimbabwe Mining News MEDIA PARTNER

ZimbabweMiningNews.Com is a premier online news platform offering reliable and well researched mining industry news, developments and reports. Our platform is also the official digital media channel for the Zimbabwe Mining and Energy Review Quarterly Journal Magazine. The digital platform shares its content and media to a targeted Corporate Audience via Social Media Networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. The editorial focus is to provide daily updates to local and international investors, policy makers, buyers and marketers within the industry.

Prime Media Network is the official publisher of the Zimbabwe Mining and Energy Review Quarterly Magazine and ZimbabweMiningNews.Com. The print and digital media channels complement each other to offer an insight into the mining, energy and related industries in Zimbabwe and the African continent.

URL link

Zimbabwe Mining and Energy Review Quarterly Magazine MEDIA PARTNER

The Zimbabwe Mining & Energy Review Magazine comes out every quarter to give readers a summary of the mining industry developments. Assuming a fresh focus on the country and its natural wealth, this magazine offers an independent approach to news reporting in and about Zimbabwe.

Prime Media Network is the official publisher of the Zimbabwe Mining and Energy Review Quarterly Magazine and ZimbabweMiningNews.Com. The print and digital media channels complement each other to offer an insight into the mining, energy and related industries in Zimbabwe and the African continent.

URL link

Oil and Gas Advancement MEDIA PARTNER

Oil and Gas Advancement is an information centric knowledge sharing platform focused on the latest news in the B2B oil and gas sector bringing to our audiences B2B updates on upstream, downstream, pipeline and transport categories providing information on the latest projects and developments.

MySecurity Media MEDIA PARTNER

A dedicated media provider for security and technology professionals, as well as end-users across multiple channels. Stay updated by downloading the MySecurity Media app now!

For more information:

MySecurity Marketplace MEDIA PARTNER

Connecting security and technology professionals to the latest events, education and technology across a global security domain.

For more information:

Power Info Today MEDIA PARTNER


Power Info Today is a leading business to business arena designed for the Power and Energy sector, representing the most advanced Industry Information as it allows our members to reach both ends of the facility procurement chain. Power Info Today features the latest news, Industry reports, research Insight, market moves, techno trends, case studies, articles, Interviews on the various spectrum within the sector. Power Info Today is categorized into Solar, Wind, Tidal, Hydroelectric, Nuclear, Thermal, Oil & Gas, Renewable, energy efficient and many more. For more details please email to 

Website Link:

South African Business Integrator MEDIA PARTNER

South African Business Integrator is a national audited business to business publication with its focus on both the public and private sectors in southern Africa.

The main focus of the publication is to synchronize business information, business cultures and align strategies and business goals between the public and private sectors.

The publication serves as an interaction medium between businesses.

Its main objective is to inform, educate and advise key industry leaders on business objectives, strategic decisions, good management practice and governance, sound financial management practice and ultimately bridging the gap of transformation and transparency between the public and private sector.

For more information, please visit: MEDIA PARTNER – News, Events and Updates from the Installations Field
Online promotion services for installation companies news portal is essential reading for anyone who wants to keep up-to-date with the latest product and company news as well as technology and regulatory changes in the vast field of installations.

Our readers have responsibility for purchasing, specifying and installing plumbing and HVAC equipment. provides advertisers with a unique opportunity to promote their products and services to the key members of the plumbing and HVAC industry. portal is a regularly updated and accessible source of information, news, views, advice and opinion for contractors, installers, end users, designers, consultants, manufacturers and distributors of plumbing and HVAC products and solutions.

We publish industry and product news on a daily basis, across the complete range of plumbing and HVAC products and services, including: air conditioning and refrigeration systems, BMS systems, bathroom suites and accessories, drainage and used water treatment, heating systems, boilers, radiators, pipes, valves and fittings, renewable energies, pumps or technologies. Also, the website comprises a section dedicated to electric systems and a Constructions Zone. targeted campaigns and the monthly email newsletter are extremely effective in reaching the leading decision makers and opinion leaders. Starting July 2017, became part of Reea interactive web agency, with over 19 years of experience in the Romanian, European, North American, Asian and Australian markets.

REEA has:
- over 19 years of experience in developing web products, mobile applications, web design, prototype for websites; sketches and game concepts; branding and printing; marketing and online sales, SEO, SEM, SMM; testing & QA; system administration.
- Over 200 experts specializing in all major technologies. MEDIA PARTNER is a transparent online platform for determining which products and services are the best based on the opinion of the crowd. The crowd consists of Internet users which have experienced products and services first-hand and have an interest in letting other potential buyers their thoughts on their experience. is driven by an algorithm allowing for both customers and providers of products and services to understand how the rankings are determined. The service can be used by potential buyers to learn more about their vendors prior to making a purchasing decision.


CCE NEWS  is an print and online publication that offers latest news and firsthand information on projects in the construction industry in Africa as well as emerging trends and innovation in the industry.

We strive to ensure that the information we publish is accurate, balanced and credible. We have partnered with professional organisations in the industry to ensure that we stay ahead in the information curve.

Our mission is to continue to be an Authoritative voice in the industry.


ENEFINDER ( makes it easy for everyone to promote or source, buy or sell & find information about industrial Electrical, Electronics & Automation products & services online anywhere in the world.  The website is an excellent platform for brand positioning, sourcing and knowledge sharing.

At ENEFINDER, manufacturers, traders, dealers & distributors can post their products & services information free of charge. Similarly serious job seekers can post their resumes on this website & potential employers can post their job vacancies for free. An exclusive section for dealers/agents will facilitate to locate a supplier next door.  Latest RFQ/Tenders are available for members to view.

ENEFINDER is a global marketplace for products and services in the field of Power & Energy, and is also a knowledge platform for various happening in this field like News & Events, Exhibitions, Magazines, Contractors, Consultants, other Services Providers, Interviews of leading personalities, and section for disposal of Excess/Obsolete parts/products/equipments.

EC Plaza MEDIA PARTNER is an online business-to-business information platform. 
You can meet your right buyers and new business opportunities through ECPlaza. 

Since started as a B2B business site in 1996, EC Plaza has grown to Trade Leader providing online and off line service to over 1,000,000 members. Based on export marketing, we are operating not only B2B website, EDI service and trade consulting but also offline trade-related services for SMEs.

With worldwide network and high brand recognition, we are extending our business field to the global market by providing great value such as more business opportunities, cost saving and convenience.

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Asian Manufacturers Journal (AMJ) MEDIA PARTNER

Asian Manufacturers Journal (AMJ) is an online trade magazine that reports mainly the products made by Asian countries.There are totally 25 product categories. It is a direct and simple way for the worldwide buyers and importers to search for their required products. It also helps the Asian manufacturers or suppliers to display their products clearly in a systematic way so as to develop their export business. More information:

The 8th Asia-Pacific Bioenergy Exhibition (APBE 2019) MEDIA PARTNER

Date: August 16-18, 2019
Venue: China Import & Export Fair Complex
Address: No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China

Ranking among the world’s top biomass trade shows, APBE 2019 is going to be staged on a show floor of 18,000 sq.m with 200+ exhibitors. The 6th Asia-Pacific Bioenergy Summit will give you a glimpse at the forefront of biomass technology.


PETROFINDER is the leading and young company which is providing the most advanced online platform for the real time trading and auction solutions for international oil and gas industries and major physical markets. Please find our introduction and services as follows :

1. B-to-B Online Trading Platform in Energy Sector.
2. Trading & Brokerage, Marketing and Consulting Services.
3. Online P.R and Advertising Services.
4. Global Recruitment and Energy Expert Finding Services.

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SA PROFILE is an annual reference book which offers executive support to businesses and entrepreneurs across the corporate sphere to facilitate and provide senior executive information and decision making needs by promoting their corporate or business profile to both the public and private sectors in Southern Africa.

FOCUS AREA: All Business sectors and government


EIN Presswire has a distribution "foot-print" that includes millions of users of our EIN Newsdesk media monitoring services. We also maintain one of the world's leading media directories providing us with up-to-date contacts for media in every country and U.S. state. Further distribution is achieved via RSS, email, partner websites, and social media. We are both a destination (EIN Newsdesk) and a distributor (EIN Presswire) for news. In one place you can distribute your news to the targeted audiences you select and monitor news on that topic published by thousands of worldwide sources. For more information or to try us FREE, please visit

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