Chen Li

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Chen Li

Principal Consultant
DNV GL, Singapore

Chen Li holds 20 years’ working experience in the field of power engineering. He has been involved in many power systems studies for power intensive industrial plants, renewable and conventional generator connections, renewables integration in small island systems, and renewables penetration studies of large systems. He has performed many protection coordination studies and relay mal-operation-caused black system investigations, and is experienced with harmonic investigation, study and filter design.

Chen Li also has experience in system studies, primary and secondary designs, installation, testing and commissioning of many transmission and distribution substations, as well as the electrical balance of plant systems for power generation, sea water desalinisation, LNG and smelter plants. He has a good command of power system simulation tools such as PSS®E, PowerFactory, ETAP, OpenDSS, EMTP/ATP, PLEXOS, and dedicated renewables integration tools such as SFLEX and KERMIT.